Act on Pesticides

Don’t let Brexit mean more dangerous pesticides in our food and environment

Following the vote for the UK to leave the EU (Brexit), the government will reassess the rules that govern the use of pesticides in agriculture, amenity and homes and gardens. This could be an opportunity for the UK to take the lead in pesticide legislation by ensuring that the most rigorous, precautionary regulations are put in place to protect us from the potential harm that pesticides can do.

The vocal pro-pesticide lobby would like to see the current legislation and the protection it offers significantly reduced. If they succeed, this could result in:

  • Greater exposure to pesticides that are linked to cancer, reproductive problems and hormone disruption;

  • Higher levels of pesticide residues allowed in the food that we eat;

  • Increased use of pesticides that are highly toxic to bees and other pollinator species.

New European controls on the probable carcinogen glyphosate and bee-toxic neonicotinoids are also under attack.

This can’t happen and we need your help! 

It is vital that MPs are made aware of your concerns about pesticide regulation.

Please take a moment to send a letter to your MP.
It will only take a couple of minutes, but will help to make it clear that post-EU, we want stronger, not weaker, pesticide regulation.

Thank you

Contact Your MP
Ensure Brexit does not weaken pesticide legislation in the UK

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