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brain Pesticide linked to developmental delays. Scientist Live [more] 19 March
blackberry The London Orchard project: bringing fruit to car parks
The Guardian [more]
19 March
avaz GM FOOD: FACTS NOT CROPS. Sign the petition.
1st March
davo We live to learn – PAN-UK attend sustainable fashion education events [more] 26th February
news Public consultation on the implementation of the EU Pesticide Use directive [more] 1st February
children news Are there pesticides in your school? [more] HEAL 1st February
letter Revocation of approval for Aminopyralid - Letter to Hilary Benn [more] September 2009
work Pesticides at work increases risk of Parkinson's Telegraph [more] 15 September 2009
bee Pesticides poisoning our bees Buglife [more] September 2009
indian farmers Organic Farmers Seek Healthier Future Wall Street Journal [more] August 2009
mint Herbs 'can be natural pesticides' BBC [more] 17 August 2009
Toxic worry for bug repellent Deet [more] 5 August 2009
organic centre Organic Center response to the FSA Study [more] July 2009
wheat Good reasons for going organic The Guardian [more] 31 July 2009
children Common household pesticides linked with childhood cancer [more] Jul 2009
aminopyralid Sign the petition to ban aminopyralid
July 2009
children Children more vulnerable to pesticides EHN [more] July 2009
bee Save the honeybee, sign the Soil Assoicaiation's petition today [more] July 2009
bee Why is the Bee Keepers' Association endorsing a pesticide? Guardian [more] July 2009
pants Campaigners hold amnesty for 'toxic pants - Guardian [more] June 2009
wheat field Irish farms go organic
- Irish Independent [more]
June 2009
lobbying Put a stop to secret lobbying - [more] June 2009
school IPM bill for Oregon schools one step closer Athletic Turf [more] June 2009
sprayer Individuals who apply pesticides and blood disorders [more] June 2009

Global chemical treaty adds lindane to ban list [more]

Lindane banned by international convention - Google [more]

Fears of rat plague in UK grow - The Guardian [more]

US bed bug outbreak difficult to cure
The Guardian [more]

The Co-op bans eight pesticides - Guardian [more]

Fizzy drink with 300 times more pesticides than tap water -Daily Mail
Fizzy drinks sold by Coca-Cola in Britain have been found to contain pesticides at up to 300 times the level allowed in tap or bottled water. [more]

Feminisation of male wildlife raises alarm -CHEMtrust [more]

PAN UK letter to BBC
- Jimmy's GM Food Fight [more]

A world without bees - book review [more]

Scientists speak out on pesticides regulation (15/10/08)
Almost half of all fruits, vegetables and cereals grown in the European Union are contaminated with pesticides. Five percent of food items tested contain concentrations that exceed legal limits for individual pesticides. In addition, contaminated drinking water, dusts and spray drift contribute to human exposures.

Pesticides make you fat
- The Independent - (07/09/08)
Children exposed to pesticide in womb twice as likely to be overweight, refuting idea of sole personal responsibility. Geoffrey Lean reports

Honeybee deaths reaching crisis point- The Guardian - (12/08/08)
Britain's honeybees have suffered catastrophic losses this year, according to a survey of the nation's beekeepers, contributing to a shortage of honey and putting at risk the pollination of fruits and vegetables.

IMS review for the ASP programme [more]

UK fashion graduates go eco
- Marie Claire - (07/07/08)
Graduate fashion week may be the time to spot the style world's next big thing, but this year's also offered a glimpse into the future of ethical fashion. [more]

Golf course destroyed with weedkiller- Telegraph - (18/07/2008)
A golf club's fairways were turned brown after the groundsman accidentally watered the course with industrial strength weedkiller.[more]

Home-grown veg ruined by toxic fertiliser - The Observer (29/06/2008)
Gardeners across Britain are reaping a bitter harvest of rotten potatoes, withered salads and deformed tomatoes after an industrial herbicide tainted their soil. Caroline Davies reports on how the food chain became contaminated and talks to the angry allotment owners whose plots have been destroyed

Protect Your People! TOTAL Ban on Endosulfan! -PANAP (27/06/08)
The news of the recent decision by the Philippine government to stop diving and retrieval operations at the site of the sunken M/V Princess of the Stars due to its shipment of pesticides destined for use by Del Monte is an unmitigated double tragedy for the people of the Philippines! 1 Only 57 survivors were rescued, while hundreds more were noted as either dead or missing
[read more]

Tennis fans warned of strawberry pesticides (25/06/2008)
From The Daily Telegraph
Tennis fans enjoying strawberries at Wimbledon have been warned to take heed after a Government study showed nine out of 10 of the fruit nationwide was covered in pesticides.

[read more]

Farm ministers back ban on toxic pesticides (26/06/2008)
From EurActiv
The Council's political agreement bans the marketing and use of substances proven to be carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic for reproduction amid claims from manufacturers that the new rules will drive up food prices even further.
[read more]

EU for better pesticides (19/05/2008)
From PAN Europe
Following weeks of heavy handed lobbying from the pesticides industry, and amid a lack of consensus among Member States, the European Commission this afternoon came out fighting for better EU pesticides legislation.
[read more]

55 Countries Endorse
Real Revolution in Agriculture (15/04/2008
Governments and scientists from around the world today announce their commitment to a radically different approach to global agricultural production.
[read more]

DDT and testicular cancer (29/04/2008)
From Reuters
A chemical that comes from the pesticide DDT may raise a man's risk of developing testicular cancer, U.S. researchers said on Tuesday.
[read more]

10 Reasons why
organic can feed the world
Can organic farming feed the world? Ed Hamer and Mark Anslow say yes, but we must farm and eat differently
[read more]

Rachel Carson play on tour
The 2007 autumn tour of 15 venues in the south of the country was hugely successful. We are now fully booked for February and March 2008 and a week in May. We are now taking bookings for September.
[read more]

Bhopal march to Delhi (21/04/2008)
From Bhopal.Net

Having reached Delhi with sore feet but unflagging spirits, Bhopali survivors of Dow & Union Carbide set up camp on the pavement at Jantar Mantar
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India's endosulfan victims (15/02/2008)
From India Today
Seven-year old Sandhya had the first glimpse of the world around her in the first week of this year. Born blind due to the deadly fallout of the hazardous pesticide endosulfan...

[read more}

GM Crops increase pesticide use (13/02/2008)
From Friends of the Earth
Genetically Modified (GM) crops have led to a massive increase in pesticide use and have failed to increase yields or tackle world hunger and poverty
[read more]

Diabetes linked to pesticides
From Environment News Service
Pregnant women exposed to household pesticides may increase the risk of their children developing leukemia...
[read more]

Food in the European Parliament
Today in the European Parliament, Brussels, the Pesticide Action Network Europe (PAN-E) and Friends of the Earth Netherlands (Milieudefensie) will present the shocking findings of an analysis into pesticides found on fruit purchased within the Parliament building. <more>

Pesticides in water - Pesticides Forum 2006 report of indicators reflecting the impacts of pesticide use
One of the key findings presented in the report shows that the level of pesticides found in water in 2005 was 7.98%, the highest level recorded since the introduction of indicators. <more>

Pilot Study on Public Access to Farm Pesticide Spray Records
On 1st March 2007 the Pesticide Safety Directorate (PSD) launched a pilot study on public access to farm spray records. The study involves approximately 150 arable farms in parts of Staffordshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Derbyshire. The pilot is due to run for a period of six months and the half way results have just been circulated by the PSD. <more>

World Health Organization Affirms Commitment to DDT Reduction in Malaria Control
During the Third Conference of Parties to the Stockholm Convention this week in Dakar, Senegal, the Director of the World Health Organization Office on Public Health and Environment Dr Maria Neira stated categorically that WHO strongly supports the Stockholm Convention, and is committed to reducing reliance on DDT in malaria control. <more>

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