Bees factsheets E-mail
Below are links to a series of factsheets in PDF format, produced by PAN UK on all aspects of bees and pesticides, as an introduction to the issues.

    Factsheet No.1 : Different routes of pesticide exposure
    Factsheet No.2 : Sub-lethal and chronic effects of neonicotinoids on bees and other pollinators
    Factsheet No.3 : Serious shortcomings in assessing risks to pollinators
    Factsheet No.4 : Different regulatory positions on neonicotinoids across Europe
    Factsheet No.5 : Can restrictions on systemic insecticides help restore bee health?
    Factsheet No.6 : What could farmers do to rely less on neonicotinoids?
    Factsheet No.7 : Opportunities to expand and improve pollinator habitats
    Factsheet No.8 : Action on neonicotinoid and other bee-toxic pesticides
    Factsheet No.9 : Bee Declines and the Link with Pesticides
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