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Ask candidates in the Brighton and Hove Council Elections to make our city pesticide-free

Let’s make Brighton & Hove pesticide-free!

At last count, 38 different toxic pesticides were being used in UK towns and cities. They are sprayed in parks, playgrounds and other green spaces, road verges, pavements and around shopping centres and schools.

The chemicals being used have been linked to an array of health problems including cancer, diabetes and neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s. Vulnerable groups such as children, pregnant women and the elderly are most affected.

Pesticides are also having devastating effects on the natural environment. Due to habitat loss and the large quantities of pesticides used in UK agriculture, wildlife such as bees, birds and hedgehogs are increasingly seeking refuge in our towns and cities. However, the overuse of pesticides is destroying many of the areas where they can forage for food and contaminating the natural resources they depend upon.

But urban pesticide use is unnecessary. There are lots of non-chemical alternatives available and hundreds of towns and cities around the world have already banned pesticides. Read more about some of the many towns and cities that have already gone pesticide-free here and here.

What’s the solution?

Brighton & Hove Council has the power to ban pesticides on all public land under its control. A number of councils around the UK are already proving that it can be done, including nearby Lewes, which has ended the use of pesticides in all of its public parks and green spaces.

In March 2016, Brighton & Hove Council unanimously adopted a Motion promising to phase out the use of glyphosate and seek non-chemical alternatives. Sadly, these promises have not been kept and for the last three years Brighton & Hove has continued to use pesticides.

It is time that Brighton & Hove Council finally fulfils the promises made in 2016. With your help, we can make our city pesticide-free.

In the run up to the city-wide council elections on 2nd May 2019, PAN UK is asking all candidates to take the Pesticide-Free Pledge. Going pesticide-free is not a party political issue and the Pledge is open for all candidates to sign.

Scroll down to find out which candidates have taken the Brighton & Hove Pesticide-Free Pledge.

Brighton and Hove Council Candidates Take the Pledge

What can you do?

  • Once candidate contact details are available an online action allowing you to reach out to candidates directly will be set up. Watch this space.

  • Look out for one of our postcards around town, sign it and hand it in where you found it, or return it to us here at the Brighthelm Centre.

  • If you are a candidate, contact PAN UK and take the Pesticide-Free Pledge.

  • Tell your friends and family about the campaign and share it on social media.

  • Shop online and buy a Pesticide-Free Brighton & Hove t-shirt, baseball top, hoodie or bag to publicise your support for the campaign.

  • There are plenty of opportunities to get more involved with the campaign. To find out how please contact PAN UK.

Together we can get toxic pesticides out of Brighton & Hove’s public spaces and secure a healthier future for both people and the environment.

Support our campaign and spread the word with one of our t-shirts or hoodies
Have you signed one of our Pesticide-Free Brighton and Hove postcards yet?
Number of local citizens who have already signed one of our postcards in support!

“I want Brighton & Hove to be pesticide-free because I want a cleaner, less polluted world for me and my children.”

Melanie, Brighton

“I want Brighton & Hove pesticide-free because it’s essential to promote wildlife within our city!”

Tertia, Brighton

“I want Brighton & Hove to be pesticide-free because biodiversity depends on it!”

Ray, Brighton

“I want Brighton & Hove to be pesticide-free because we don’t need poisons in our green spaces.”

Gabriella, Brighton

“I want Brighton & Hove to be pesticide-free because it’s a no-brainer!”

Les, Brighton

“I want Brighton & Hove to be pesticide-free because we are exposed to so many chemicals every day and urban pesticides is an easy one to eliminate.”

Josie, Brighton

“I want Brighton & Hove pesticide-free because I believe we should look after our ecosystems and not poison people, pets and wildlife!”

Wren, Brighton

“I want Brighton & Hove to be pesticide-free because I value lives over profit.”

Pranav, Brighton

“I want Brighton & Hove to be pesticide-free because it’s 2019 and we now know better!”

James, Brighton

“I want Brighton & Hove to be pesticide-free because this is the way forward and I want B&H to be there!”

Janet, Brighton

Candidate pledges:

No candidates have pledged yet.

The reason for this is that candidate contact details are not yet available. Once they are, we will be reaching out to them about this campaign and informing them of the level of public support we have received on this issue.