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Cats are notoriously hard to deter from gardens. Here are a few ideas for deterrents with no promise that any will be completely effective.


Physical controls

Sonic cat deterrents
available from
- STV International Ltd

   Placing deterrents in the cat’s path, attaching strips of prickles to tops of garden fences
available from
- Deben

     Using repelling plants such as Nettle “Pee-off” plant
available from
- Easyplan

Battery operated devices that spray water at moving objects

available from
-  'Pestclear Outdoor'
-  'Champ scarecrow'

Live Cat Traps
available from
- Solway Feeders
- The Trap Man

Least-toxic chemical controls

   Citronella oil or garlic extract-based products (cat repellent rods and granules) can be spread on lawns, garden paths
available from
- Green Gardener
- Bio 'Scat-a-Cat'
- Bio 'Pepper dust'

   Silent Roar Cat Repellant (lion dung)
available from

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