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See also our rodent control factsheet.
Physical controls

- Make sure that food is not kept out in the open, and that access to rodents is denied through drain, broken air vents, and gaps between pipes and walls.

-Keep grass cut short, and put obstacles on rat runs.

- Brush strip (attach to bottom of door to prevent both draughts and rodents)

- Fitting metal coneguards around drain pipes (wide end of the cone facing downwards, with a perimeter of at least 250 mm). Also fit a metal mesh balloon guard to prevent

- Expose the rat nest.

- Lethal traps. For these to work effectively it is important to experiment with different baits e.g. fruit and nut chocolate, tuna fish. Placement of the traps it also important. Rats will run around the edge of a room near to the skirting board but can easily become trap shy. Traps will be most effective if they are located inside tunnels (so trap-shy rats cannot side-step the trap) and placed directly against the wall. They can be bought already inside tunnels from

available from
Eleberts Pest Force Ltd 
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