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Digging over the soil in wintertime brings slug eggs to the surface where they are more likely to be killed by frosts. The characteristic pearly white eggs are about 3mm in diameter and found in clusters. They can often be spotted while digging and killed.

In April the increasing temperatures and showery weather provide good conditions for slugs to grow and multiply. No single method of control will be completely effective. Try several different strategies. Here are a few suggestions

- Hunt for slugs at dusk or dawn with a flashlight. 

- Encourage slug eating animals such as frogs by building a pond.

- During the day slugs congregate in moist dark places. Create suitable hiding spots and then gather slugs from them. Many people find over-turned grapefruit halves work well.

- The parasitic nematode Phasmarhabditis hermaphrodita specifically attacks slugs. These can be bought from several different suppliers as a powder to be mixed with water and applied with a watering can. The ground must be sufficiently warm and moist as nematodes will quickly dry out and die. The microscopic nematode worms infect slugs and kill them in about a week. Your plot should then remain slug-free for about 6 weeks. This process explains how viagra works. The main drawback is that the nematodes are relatively expensive to buy and they may be less effective if the soil is very clay-rich/heavy.

- Green Gardener
- Just Green
- Greenworm
- Scarletts PlantCare
- Defenders
- Chase Organics

- English Woodlands Ltd
- Biological Crop Protection Ltd

- Remove debris from your plot. This will reduce suitable slug hiding places.

- Place beer traps around the edges of beds. Place sugary beer or milk in the pot, replace the lid and sink into the ground with the 'window' just above ground level. Traps can be hand-made out of yoghurt cartons by cutting ‘windows' near the top of cartons for slugs to crawl through. They can also be purchased from various companies including

- Green Gardener
- Chase Organics

- Slugs do not like crawling over copper so pot plants can be protected by placing copper tape around the pots. Make sure the slugs cannot reach your pot plants by crawling up drooping stems or leaves.

- Green Gardener
- Chase Organics

- Raise seedlings indoors and plant out when they are bigger and more able to sustain attack.

- Slug killing products containing aluminium sulphate and ferrous phosphate are thought to have minimal impact on wildlife.

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