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Wasps can be a problem in autumn as the breeding season draws to a close. For more information see our factsheet on least toxic wasp control.

Physical controls

Wasp trap. Old jam jars can be used  to trap wasps. Place something sweet (like syrup or jam) mixed with some washing up liquid in the jar to about half way up. Place the jar in the area where you wish to trap the wasps. The wasps will be attracted to the mixture.  The washing up liquid acts to reduce ensuring they cannot get out.Empty and replenish the jar as necessary.

 - Removesources of food  e.g. fermenting apples fallen from apples trees typically attract a lot of wasps

- Wasps nest will die over winter so leave them alone if they are not bothering you.

- Do not tackle wasps nests without protective suit and headgear. If they are sufficient nuisance or someone nearby is allergic you may need to get a professional pest controller to deal with the problem.

The Waspinator

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