How do I report a pesticide exposure incident? E-mail
Make a note of the details of the incident as soon as possible, including:

  - where, when and how the exposure took place
  - how long the exposure lasted
  - weather condition, e.g. high winds, very cold or hot

It may be helpful to collect evidence, for example, photographs of the site or of any visible symptoms e.g. a rash. Evidence should be collected as soon as possible, but take care to avoid re-exposure. Do not return to the site if it is unsafe to do so.

If there are any witnesses to the incident ask for their contact details.

Contact the appropriate authority, making it clear that you wish to report a pesticide exposure incident:

If people have been affected contact the Health and Safety Executive on 0845 3009923

If pets or wildlife have been affected contact the
Wildlife Incident Investigation Scheme on 0800 321 600

If the local environment has been contaminated contact the
Environment Agency on 0800 807060

If people or animals have been affected by veterinary medicines, contact the
Veterinary Medicines Directorate on 01932 338427. You can also report a reaction via their website.

The HSE has produced a leaflet with further information on reporting an incident. You can download the leaflet
here or ring the HSE on 0845 3009923 to obtain a copy. However, please note that the HSE and Environment Agency numbers for reporting incidents have been changed to those given above.

If you know the name of the pesticide you could also contact the manufacturers to report an adverse reaction. Manufacturers have a duty to report all adverse reactions to the HSE.

If you have been affected by pesticides, please also contact PAN UK. We collect case studies of exposure incidents to inform and back up our policy work, and in order to build up a clearer picture of how people are affected by spray exposure.
email the information officer, or telephone 020 7065 0914.

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