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altThe PEX (Pesticide Exposure) project provides an information service for those affected by, or concerned about, pesticide exposure in the UK.

Pesticides are poisonous substances used to control unwanted organisms; they can also be harmful to human health. We are all exposed to low levels of pesticides in our environment: they can be found in food, in the soil, water and air around us, and in our bodies. There is a risk of higher levels of exposure for people using pesticides professionally, or in their own homes and gardens, or for people living near farmland, parks, or other areas that are regularly sprayed.
Many pesticides have the potential to cause health problems in humans. Some are acutely toxic; that is, they cause health problems immediately after exposure. Pesticides may also cause health effects over the longer term through repeated exposure to lower doses – this is known as chronic toxicity.
PAN UK is concerned that:
      the links between chronic pesticide exposure and health problems are not well understood
      there is no system for monitoring the effects of pesticide exposure

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