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PEX Newsletter 46 - Quarterly June2009


PAN UK has a new Director! After 4 years at PAN UK, Linda Craig has moved on, and is now working at Vauxhall City Farm. Linda will be greatly missed, but we are very happy to introduce our new director, Dr Keith Tyrell. As you will see from Keith’s message in this newsletter, he has had previous connections with PAN UK, and with a background in Integrated Pest Management and smallholder farming is very well suited to take over the helm.

A number of people let us know that they were responding to the Defra consultation on the new pesticides legislation, featured in the last newsletter; many thanks to all those who took action. However, a few people contacted us because they had wanted to send in their views but were unable to do so before the deadline. If this is your situation, you can still influence the outcome of the consultation by writing to your MP and asking him/her  to raise your concerns with the new Minister for pesticides, Lord Henley. By flagging up the issues independently you will be reinforcing the views expressed in the consultation, so PAN UK would encourage people to take this route.

We have had relatively few enquiries about pesticide exposure over the past few months. We hope, of course, that this is because few people have been affected, although we have no way of knowing for sure. However, if you are aware of exposure incidents or poor spraying practice affecting people, wildlife, or the environment, do please bring them to our attention. (Photos are always welcome too, but please don’t put yourself in harm’s way in order to take them.)

When people contact PAN UK about pesticide exposure, they are often as much concerned about the effects of pesticides on wildlife and the environment as they are about their own health. Readers may therefore be interested in a new report on pesticides and biodiversity from PAN Europe.

Ruth Beckmann

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