Pilot Study on Public Access to Farm Pesticide Spray Records E-mail
Farm spraying On 1st March 2007 the Pesticide Safety Directorate (PSD) launched a pilot study on public access to farm spray records. The study involves approximately 150 arable farms in parts of Staffordshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Derbyshire.

The pilot is due to run for a period of six months and the half way results have just been circulated by the PSD.

The PSD has reported that so far there have been seven requests for spray records and that all the requests have been complied with in no longer than one month.

PAN-UK believes this to be encouraging and a sign that there is interest from the public in such a scheme. It also shows that it is possible for requests to be dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.

It is to be hoped that by the time the study finishes at the end of August it will be clear that there is a demand from the public to have access to farm spray records and that it will be clear that the system for delivering the information does not have be either cumbersome or time consuming.

PAN-UK welcomes the pilot study and hopes that it will result in an extended scheme that will cover the UK; giving the public the right to access farm spray records everywhere. It is essential that the public is allowed to know what potentially toxic chemical substances have been sprayed on crops in the vicinity of their homes.

We would also like to ask anyone living in the area with concerns about access to spray records to avail themselves of this current opportunity and ask for the relevant records as appropriate.

A report on the conclusion of the pilot study will appear in the next issue of Pesticide News.
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