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    - 10 years of poisoning
    - A cause for Celebration?
    - The fight for global elimination
    - The case for sustainable cotton
  2. Organic Exchange Europe is Launched
  3. IFOAM International Organic Fibre and Textile Conference


  1. West African organic cotton farmer to visit fashion schools
  2. Sponsorship for students of fashion design
  3. Friendly bugs at the rescue of organic cotton
  4. Organic cotton production grows by 49%
  5. British T-shirt manufacturer tackles the Uzbek cotton problem

  1. Can cotton be sustainable? Join us for a panel discussion at London Olympia
  2. Endosulfan one step closer to listing under international toxics treaty
  3. New Cotton Publication: 15 years of campaigning in 65 articles
  4. Organic Exchange hosts Regional Meeting in Paraguay
  5. UN declares 2009 the International Year of Natural Fibres
  6. Eco-Design fair comes to London College of Fashion

  1. New report exposes the human health and environmental cost of pesticide use in global cotton production
  2. New book demonstrates the socio-economic benefits of organic cotton in developing countries
  3. Cotton pesticides may threaten Australia's Great Barrier Reef
  4. Acclaimed guide My Sustainable T-Shirt now available in hard copies
  5. The worst cotton insecticide faces international
  6. New magazine dedicated to sustainability in textile: Ecotextile News

  1. New Publications: Guide to cotton textile standards and pesticide poisonings in Africa.
  2. Organic Cotton in the UK: The market continues to grow.
  3. Farmers and Fashion: a full house for the Rachel Carson Memorial Lecture!
  4. Retailers Directory updated: Map reveals organic cotton textile hotspots.
  5. Timberland buys Howies.

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