PAN UK  produces a  large variety of online resources, including journals, leaflets, posters and videos, that cover the issues surrounding pesticides.

alt Our quarterly subscription journal
Pesticides News, reports regularly on reducing pesticide use and risks, and on successful alternatives. It is available to subscribers, as hardcopy or online.

We also publish free online PDFs that cover specific topics related to pesticides, including Moral Fibre - A guide for students of fashion and textile design and Pesticides on a Plate - A consumer guide to pesticide issues in the food chain.
Find these in our
PAN Publications area.

Other online resources include our
Pesticide Library,  which has links to over 5000 articles, reports and books, relating to the health and environmental effects of pesticides, and alternatives to their use. There are also links to over 800 Pesticides News articles, 700 pesticide evaluations/factsheets, 600 books and large reports and 3000 scientific journal articles.

alt We also have a
PAN UK YouTube video channel where you can find relevant videos from the web.