International Pesticide No Use Day Sees Launch of Latest Bee Fact Sheet E-mail

To celebrate the International Day of No Pesticide Use on the 3rd of December, PAN UK is launching the latest in its 'Bee Fact Sheet' series, highlighting issues around pesticide use and bees.  This latest edition is concerned with the persistance of neonicotinoids in the environment and also coincides with the three year anniversay, on the 1st of December, of the temporary ban on thier use in the EU.

This week also saw the launch of the new British Bee Coalition website and a letter sent to the UK Government by 18 leading conservation organisations calling on them to maintain and extend the current EU ban on the use of bee toxic neonicotinoids.

In a timely reminder of why neonicotinoids are such a threat to bees, PAN UK has published its ninth Bee Factsheet. This latest addition to the series, focuses on the persistence of neonicotinoid insecticides in the environment and examines the harm that they are having on a number of different organisms - including bees.

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