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1 Bio-Integral Resource Center (BIRC)
BIRC is a nonprofit organization offering over 25 years of insight, experience, and leadership in the development and communication of least-toxic, sustainable, and environmentally sound Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods.
2 CAB International
A not-for-profit science-based development and information organization
3 Community Integrated Pest Management (FAO)
The misuse of pesticides is harmful to human health and is damaging to the environment. Millions of people are poisoned by pesticides every year, and pest problems are often made worse when the balance between beneficial and harmful insects is disturbed by applying toxic chemicals.
4 Get Set, Inc
Non-Toxic Pest Control for the home, school and business
5 Harvest Help
promote self-reliance through sustainable agriculture in rural Zambia and Malawi
6 IFOAM - International Foundation for Organic Agriculture
7 ipmnet
8 NSF Center for Intergrated Pest Management
sorry. Thanks, but this is a charity site and upgrading from 1.5 is not going to be straightforward when they have no web dev budget, have a heart!