A selection of links that are all related to health and pesticides
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1 NHS Direct
2 Organophosphates Information Network (OPIN)
3 Allergy UK
4 Pubmed
Pubmed allows access to Medline, a database of biomedical research articles from over 5,000 selected peer-reviewed journals. Compiled by the US National Library of Medicine, this is one of the most comprehensive research databases available.
5 Behind the headlines
Unpicks science stories that have made the headlines and provides a plain language explanation of what the research actually found and of its significance.
6 PAN UK List of Lists
The List of Lists brings together pesticide classifications from various governmental and intergovernmental bodies, such as the World Health Organisation, and identifies pesticides with particularly harmful health and environmental effects
7 PAN UK Factsheets
Providing an overview of research on some pesticides of particular concern
8 PAN America Pesticides Database
Compiled and maintained by PAN North America, this database provides toxicity and regulatory information on thousands of pesticide active ingredients and breakdown products, and adjuvants and solvents used in pesticide products
9 NCAP factsheets
Referenced factsheets from advocacy group NCAP Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides
10 Hazardous Substances Databank
Part of the US National Library of Medicine, contains peer-reviewed toxicological data on 5,000 chemicals
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