Bees Needs - Bee Coalition welcomes Government’s public ‘Call to Action’ PDF Print E-mail
Picture of honeycombMembers of the Bee Coalition today welcome the Government’s public ‘Call to Action’ to help reverse the decline of bees and other pollinating insects by helping meet their needs for food and a home. The call comes ahead of the Government launching its final National Pollinator Strategy in autumn this year.

On Friday 18th July, Environment Department DEFRA launches a public and practical Call to Action in support of Britain’s bees and to help people know what they can do to play their part in reversing bee and pollinator decline.

The Bee Coalition hopes the announcement will help to mobilise the public in taking practical action to protect Britain’s bees by planting wildflowers, conserving their local meadows and green spaces and avoiding use of garden chemicals. These are important steps in providing good natural habitat for pollinators, which has become increasingly fragmented through the intensification of British agriculture and urban development.

Nick Mole of Pesticide Action Network UK, a member of the Bee Coalition said: “The Bee Coalition supports this timely call to action. There’s plenty people can do to help bees. Avoiding using chemicals is as important as growing the right plants because of the strong links between using pesticides and harm to bees and other vital pollinating insects.”

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