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PAN UK is delighted that Brighton & Hove City Council has voted to stop the use of the herbicide glyphosate and investigate the use of non-chemical methods for weed and pest control. The motion, introduced by Green Councillor Louisa Greenbaum, was unanimously supported in the Council meeting by members of all political parties. PAN UK looks forward to other towns and cities following this lead and taking similar action to protect the health of their citizens and their environments.

The herbicide glyphosate has for many years been controversial, being linked to a range of human health problems and most recently being classified as a probable human carcinogen by the World Health Organisation. As a result a growing number of towns and cities around the world have been banning or restricting its use in areas where their citizens can be exposed to its potentially harmful effects.

“Today marks a huge step forward for Brighton & Hove in protecting the health of our children and citizens. This measure will reduce human exposure as well as protecting our bees and other wildlife from these harmful and unnecessary chemicals. I would like to take this opportunity to commend Brighton Council, and all those that work for the Council for supporting this position. By passing this motion it shows clearly that Brighton & Hove is at the forefront in terms of protecting its citizens and environment from harmful chemicals.” said Nick Mole, Policy Officer with PAN UK.

Currently debate is raging in Brussels about whether glyphosate should be re-approved for use in the EU. Several Member States are opposed to allowing its use and there is a real possibility that it will not be re-authorised for use or if approved its use could be severely restricted throughout the EU. It is clear that there are serious concerns about the effects its use can, and is, having on people and the environment.

“Once again Brighton & Hove is showing that it is a leader on issues of sustainability. PAN UK hopes that this will be the first of many cities throughout the UK that will start to move away from the use of potentially harmful pesticides and herbicides on the streets and pavements, parks and playgrounds of the places where we all live, work and play”, said Mole.

The full text of the Motion is below:-

"Council resolves to:

1. Request the Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee to request officers to use the opportunity of the end of the current weed spraying contract in April 2017 to end the use of Glyphosate in our city; and

2. To request that the Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee gives consideration to trying non-chemical and mechanical alternatives during the testing period due to start in July this year and asks officers to inform the Members of the Committee as to which alternatives are being trialled (by its meeting on 28 June) and report on the progress of those trials to the same Committee at its meeting on 29 November this year."

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