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Defra signPAN UK is incredibly disappointed with the response from Defra regarding the use of bee toxic pesticides and the effects they are having on the UK’s bees and other pollinators. Defra has once again shown that when it comes to protecting the environment or protecting the profits of the pesticide industry the pesticide industry wins hands down!


In a statement issued yesterday (18/09/12) Defra announced that following an internal review - carried out largely by its own staff and related bodies - there is no need to change the approach to using bee toxic neonicotinoids in the UK and that we should carry with business as usual.


With this decision, Defra is burying its head in the sand and ignoring the overwhelming body of scientific evidence. Other European countries that have implemented bans on neonicotinoids are seeing their bee populations recover.


This outcome is the exact reason that PAN UK and the Coop are calling for an INDEPENDENT review of the science that underpins the risk assessment for neonicotinoids in the UK. In our opinion Defra is far too close to industry to allow for a completely unbiased opinion on the science that it has been reviewing. Some 60% of the funding for Defra’s pesticide regulatory and approvals branch comes from the work that they do for industry. There is no question that the pesticide industry lobby is a very powerful voice in Whitehall.


We urge our supporters to write to their MPs and to the Minister directly demanding an independent review. 


19 Sept 2012

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