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On Wednesday 13th April, the European Parliament voted in favour of a motion setting out conditions for the re-authorisation of the herbicide glyphosate. The motion allows for the re-licensing of glyphosate in the EU for a period of seven years (instead of the proposed 15), but would dramatically restrict the range of uses. Whilst it would not be a complete ban, the proposal would nevertheless result in an end to the use of glyphosate in many areas (like the amenity sector) and would seriously limits its use in others - including agriculture (you can read the key details of the motion below).

The European Commission will make a final decision in late-May.  There is still time to make your voice heard and let it know that you do not want glyphosate contaminating your food, streets, parks, schools and homes, by signing on to the PAN/IUF campaign here

The key points of the proposal are:
  • No approval for non-professional use
  • No approval in or close to public parks/playground/gardens
  • No approval where integrated pest management systems are sufficient for the necessary weed control
  • Strictly limit pre-harvest applications, with strong recital calling such uses unacceptable
  • Seven year re-approval rather than the expected 15 years
  • Independent review of overall toxicity of glyphosate
  • Call on the Commission and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to immediately disclose all scientific evidence for the positive classification of glyphosate, given the overriding public interest in disclosure;
  • Call on the Commission to test and monitor glyphosate residues in foods and drinks produced in the Union as well as in imported produce
  • Strong criticism of the Commission for accepting an incomplete dossier with regard to endocrine disruption
Prior to the vote PAN UK and 12 other UK organisations sent a letter to all UK MEPs asking them to support the motion. A copy of the letter can be seen here

PAN UK and other UK and EU organisations will be lobbying the Commission and others in the run up to the final decision on glyphosate which is due in late May.

The European Parliament press release on the vote can be read here
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