Glyphosate Decision Postponed, Again. PDF Print E-mail

picture of EU flagThe controversy over the reauthorisation of glyphosate in the European Union continues as news that the predicted decision on approval today again has been postponed.

It is clear that there is serious disagreement among Member States about how, or if, this probable carcinogen should be approved for use across the EU. France and Italy are both opposed to reauthorisation, seven other countries were prepared to abstain from a vote and the remaining 19 countries, shamefully including the UK, were in favour of its continued use.

Whilst no new deadline for a decision has yet been set, if there is no decision by 30th June it is possible that the use of glyphosate in all areas – including agriculture – will be banned as this is when its current approval period comes to an end.

It is hoped that this further postponement will allow time to persuade more Member States that the citizens of the EU do not want this toxic poison to be used to grow our food, contaminate our parks and playgrounds or be sprayed in our home gardens.

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