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picture of katherine hamnettKatharine Hamnett, fashion designer and activist has backed PAN UK’s 25th Anniversary appeal. In an open letter, she urged people to support PAN UK’s appeal and cited PAN UK as a major influence behind her decision to champion ethical fashion.


“Two decades ago, PAN UK opened my eyes to the horrors of conventional cotton farming and what I saw has changed the way I make clothes forever,” said Prof Hamnett. “The information that I received from PAN UK was the spark that ignited the whole sustainable clothing movement, now huge and growing every day. Without PAN this would never have happened.”
“I hope you can help PAN UK continue its amazing work. Please give as much as you can NOW to save this incredibly valuable organization.”
PAN UK has been working to promote organic cotton for over 20 years and has worked tirelessly to expose the abuses behind conventional cotton production. PAN UK also provides practical support for cotton growers to help them off the pesticide treadmill and has trained thousands of African Cotton farmers in organic and low input techniques and linked them with retailers and manufacturers to provide them with a sustainable and safe livelihood.
PAN UK’s 25th Anniversary appeal was launched in April.
Read Katharine Hamnett’s letter here

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