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altThe Pesticide Action Network UK (PAN UK) are delighted to learn that Waitrose has taken the bold step of asking its suppliers of fruit, vegetables and flowers to stop using three neonicotinoid pesticides by 2014 because of the impact their use is having on bees and other pollinators.

This move follows on the lead of the Coop, which has already placed restrictions on the use of some neonicotinoids in its supply chain.
“This is fantastic news, PAN UK has been talking with UK retailers about neonicotinoids for some time now and we really welcome this development from Waitrose.” said PAN UK Director Keith Tyrell. It is to be hoped that the other major UK retailers follow suit in the near future
The move by Waitrose flies in the face of the position adopted by the UK Government which has steadfastly refused to take precautionary measures and support any restriction in the use of neonicotinoids despite overwhelming evidence of the harm that they are doing. Over 30 peer reviewed research papers, the European Food Safety Agency and the European Commission have all concluded that the use of some neonicotinoids is harming pollinators. Last week the Environmental Audit Committee released a report that damned the UK Government for its inaction in the face of overwhelming evidence
“As it seems that the government is failing in its obligations to protect the UK’s bees and pollinators the only hope is for others to make a stand as Waitrose has. PAN UK will continue to urge retailers and others to remove neonicotinoids from their supply chains” said PAN UK Director, Keith Tyrell.
12 April 2013
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