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Picture of reportPAN UK response to Pesticides Forum Annual Report


PAN UK has been a member of the Pesticides Forum since its inception in 1996. The Forum is a multi-stakeholder initiative that brings together a range parties with an interest in how pesticides are used including farmers, retailers, industry and civil society. We do not always agree with the conclusions and recommendations of the Forum.


The Pesticides Forum published its annual report on the impacts and sustainable use of pesticides in May. PAN UK was disappointed with the statement in the report’s executive summary that “The work of the UK Pesticides Forum in 2011 confirms that the use of pesticides is not adversely impacting on the health of UK citizens or the environment.” This is a point of view that PAN UK strongly contests as we believe that pesticides, and their use are, in many cases, having adverse impacts on the people and environment of the UK. Neither do we agree with the statement that the UK’s controls “deliver high standards of protection for human health and the environment." PAN UK strongly believes that there is much more that can and should be done to protect people and the environment from pesticides.


The Pesticide Action Network UK has often been the lone voice calling for greater action in what is an industry heavy institution. Nevertheless, the Forum is an influential body and PAN UK feels it is important that we remain involved to influence its recommendations, even if we cannot always secure the outcomes we would like.


2011 was the 15th anniversary of the creation of the Pesticides Forum. In recognition of this, the Forum conducted a review to take stock of its achievements and to look forward at where it should be going. PAN UK was part of the review and, as you will read in the introduction from the Chair, James Clarke, we believe that the Forum must become a leader in exploring and developing more integrated approaches to pest management to reduce the use of pesticides in the UK.


The Pesticides Forum annual report 2011 is available here


24 May 2012


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