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picture of underground signThe BBC News website has today published an article titled "'Toxic' pesticide Dichlobenil used on London Underground" in which they uncover how London Underground carried on using the potentially carcinogenic pesticide dichlobenil despite the known links to ill health effects.

PAN UK Policy Officer, Nick Mole, comments in the article that this was not a responsible way for London Underground to act and once the EU had issued its notice stating that approval for the use of diclobenil had been revoked they should have stopped use immedeatly.

Of course the real underlying factor is that London Underground and other amenity pesticide users should be looking at introducing non-chemical weed and pest control methods and moving away from the use of potentially toxic chemicals that can have adverse effects on human health, water and the wifer environment.

As the UK Government is clearly not interested in protecting its citizens from the effects of pesticides, responsible companies should be taking up the initiative to reduce or stop their use of toxic pesticides.

The full article can be seen on the BBC website


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