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A major new report from PAN UK, Solidaridad and WWF shows that the majority of big international cotton-using companies are failing to deliver on cotton sustainability.

The independent report compared big cotton retailers and manufacturers on their sustainable cotton policies and actual uptake and found that just eight companies out of 37 made it out of the red zone

The research, conducted by Rank a Brand, one of Europe’s largest brand-comparison sites on sustainability and corporate social responsibility concluded that only one company - home furnishing giant IKEA - was doing enough to enter the "green zone" by scoring 12 out of a maximum of 19.5 points. C&A (9), H&M (9) and Adidas (7.75) follow in the yellow zone, while Nike (6.75), M&S (5.5), VF Corporation (3.25), and Kering (3) are in the orange zone. Another 29 companies fall in the red zone and appear to do virtually nothing on cotton sustainability.

See the attached report for full details, methodology and recommendations.

Download this file (Cotton Ranking Report - June 2016[2].pdf)Cotton Ranking Report
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