PAN UK 12 Point Call for Action on Bee Toxic Pesticides

Picture of pesticidesPAN UK has today published a 12 point call for action on bee toxic pesticides. It outlines key actions that all sectors involved in pesticide use in the UK can take now to stop the harm that pesticides are causing to our bees and pollinators:


UK government:

1. Immediate and urgent independent review of the latest science and recent conclusions about the flawed EU risk assessment of neonicotinoids currently on the market.


2. Moratorium on UK approvals and use of neonicotinoids in agricultural, ornamental and amateur garden sectors until proven not to be causing harm to pollinators.


3. Commit to and support Friends of the Earth’s call for a National Bee Action Plan.


4. Build more options into entry-level agri-environment schemes to encourage farmers to adopt more Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods, especially biological control, which will reduce dependency on pesticides – especially as an ‘insurance’ treatment.


Food and farming sector:

5. Food retailers to put neonicotinoids onto ‘restricted’ lists within their own company standards and plan how to phase in safer, IPM and organic strategies while ending the use of neonicotinoids across their global supply chains.


6. Practical research with farmers on IPM and organic strategies for replacing neonicotinoids, with a focus on oilseed rape, fruit and vegetable uses.


7. Training and advice for farmers and crop consultants on effective IPM strategies based on agroecology and smarter cropping system design


8. Collaboration between farming, retail, research and advisory, government agencies, beekeeping and civil society organisations to reduce reliance on pesticides and phase in ecologically-based Integrated Production approaches.


Ornamentals and amenity sector: 

9. Ornamentals and garden supply sector to end the use of neonicotinoid treatments on pot plants.


10. Parks, local authorities and other amenity users of neonicotinoids to end their use and replace them with ecologically-based IPM strategies.


Amateur gardening sector

11. Immediate suspension of sales to the public of garden products that contain neonicotinoids.


12. Offer gardeners alternative, organic products and advice for managing insect pests


13 Sept 2012


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