PAN UK  produces a  large variety of online resources, including journals, leaflets, posters and videos, that cover the issues surrounding pesticides.

Some of our recent publications include:

Pesticides in Your Daily Bread
A consumer guide to pesticides in Bread (2014)

The report investigates the Government’s own figures revealing the presence of pesticide residues in the everyday staple, bread, and in particular the potentially dangerous effect that ingesting multiple chemicals and pesticide residues can have on consumers.  Download

Picture of leafletPesticides on a Plate:
A consumer guide to pesticide issues in the food chain

Over recent years levels of pesticide residues in our food have been steadily increasing, and as much as 40% of the food we eat contains them. Residues found in several fruit categories exceeded Government limits. A number of the most widely used are highly toxic and have been linked with developmental defects, cancers and other disorders. Download

picture of reportAnnual Review 2013

2013 was a notable year for PAN UK, with the pesticide threat to bees featuring in headline news across national news media; while we also promoted consumer awareness of pesticides in food; continued our internationally recognised work in Africa to clear obsolete and highly hazardous pesticides, and trained small-holder cotton farmers in profitable organic cultivation; while also providing technical and
scientific expertise to other organisations working to end the use of highly hazardous chemical pesticides.

Picture of factsheetBees and pesticides factsheets (2012)

PAN UK has published a series of information fact sheets on all aspects of pesticides and their effects on bees and other pollinators. The fact sheets are available to
download from our bees website.

For further PAN UK publications, visit our PAN Publications area.

altWe have ceased publication of our quarterly subscription journal, but you can access copies in our archive of
Pesticides News. 

alt We also have a
PAN UK YouTube video channel where you can find relevant videos from the web.

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