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A number of international initiatives attempt to establish basic regulatory measures for pesticides at the global level. Since chemical pollution does not respect national borders, contamination by pesticides can have far reaching effects.

Various conventions or voluntary codes apply at different stages in the pesticide life cycle, from bans in production (Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants), trade and import (Rotterdam Convention on Prior Informed Consent) and disposal (Basel Convention on Hazardous Wastes).

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altPesticides are the only toxic chemicals that are made to be deliberately released into the environment. In developing countries and countries with economies in transition, they are used by poor farmers without the knowledge, training, and protective equipment to use them as instructed so as to minimise contamination.

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PAN believes that the simplest way to deal with the problems would be to reduce the use of pesticides, and particularly the most hazardous ones. PAN International collaborates with the International POPs Elimination Network (, and you can see some examples of the work we do in relation to these conventions on this page.
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