International Conventions E-mail

A number of international initiatives attempt to establish basic regulatory measures for pesticides at the global level. Since chemical pollution does not respect national borders, contamination by pesticides can have far reaching effects.

Various conventions or voluntary codes apply at different stages in the pesticide life cycle, from bans in production (Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants), trade and import (Rotterdam Convention on Prior Informed Consent) and disposal (Basel Convention on Hazardous Wastes).

PAN UK’s work in relation to the conventions falls broadly into two areas:
 1. lobbying for stronger conventions and promoting civil society roles in them
 2. working with partners in developing countries or countries with economies in transition to promote the conventions and  implement their requirements

Among other activities, we promote community based pesticide monitoring, and share results with global policy makers; we raise awareness about the different conventions and how they link up; and lobby for the most hazardous products to be banned or restricted.

As a member of PAN Europe, PAN UK supports PAN Europe’s campaigning and advocacy work on EU pesticide regulations.

As a member of PAN International and IPEN, PAN UK contributes to global campaigns on particular chemicals, particularly on endosulfan into the PIC convention. 

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