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Since 2000, PAN UK and WWF have campaigned for an Africa-wide removal and prevention programme for obsolete pesticides.

The Africa Stockpiles Programme (ASP) was launched in 2005 and is a multi-stakeholder partnership involving international agencies, African governments, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector. Phase 1 countries are Ethiopia, Mali, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, and Tunisia.

National governments are responsible for clean-up activities, including national inventory of stockpiles, environmental assessment of sites, safeguarding and centralisation to strategic interim stores, and repackaging and export for final destruction. All activities are carried out to the highest health, safety and environmental protection standards, fully compliant with all relevant national and international legislation.

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The ASP provides support and guidance via Technical Support Unit (Food and Agriculture Organisation /CropLife International), and the Project Coordination Unit (World Bank and NEPAD) which arranges the grant agreements and is primarily responsible for fundraising and programme-level coordination.

PAN UK, PAN Africa, and WWF provide ‘cross-cutting’ support, tackling issues that cross borders or concern multiple countries. WWF oversee a study investigating disposal or safeguarding technologies; they also manage the website and other communications activities such as journalist workshops. PAN is primarily responsible for NGO/civil society awareness raising and capacity building and facilitating the participation of NGOs in national projects.

NEW Publication of ASP NGO manual (available in French, English & Swahili)alt



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