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The ASP NGO manual has been written by PAN UK, in conjunction with all ASP partners, to provide information and resources to NGOs about obsolete pesticides and the ASP.
Several thousand tonnes of obsolete pesticides have accumulated throughout the African continent over the last four decades. These dangerous chemicals threaten the environment and surrounding communities – often the poorest and most vulnerable – through the contamination of food, water, soil, and air.

The objective of the Africa Stockpiles Programme is to clean up and safely dispose of all obsolete pesticide stocks from Africa and establish preventive measures to avoid future accumulation. Bringing together the skills, expertise, and resources of a diverse group of stakeholders, the Africa Stockpiles Programme is a strategic partnership that offers a rapid, sustainable solution to this urgent problem. The partnership includes UN bodies, country governments, industry, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), all with a part to play in successfully disposing of existing stocks, but more importantly in preventing future accumulations of obsolete pesticides.

Pesticide Action Network (PAN) Africa and PAN UK aim to promote and facilitate NGO involvement with country ASP projects. We catalyse and support national NGO groups; provide training and resources; and promote the ASP to NGOs within and beyond participating countries.

This manual is primarily aimed at national non-governmental organisations. It aims to present the key issues associated with obsolete pesticides and the Africa Stockpiles Programme, and provide information and resources to help non-governmental organisations play their part in the successful implementation of national ASP projects. NGOs and other civil society organisations participating in the ASP will vary from country to country, and within each country, with varying experiences, skills, and aims. For this reason, the manual has been written in the following sections

Introduction (as above) (french introduction)
Section 2: About obsolete pesticides (high res / low res PDF/ french)
Section 3: About the Africa Stockpiles Programme (high res / low res / french)
Section 4: NGO engagement (high res / low res / french)
Section 5: Briefings and informationl (high res / low res / french)
Section 6: Resources (high res / low res / french)

 > CD: contains a PDF of the whole manual, with some additional (longer) resources -  such as the FAO Code of Conduct full text - which are not reproduced in hard copy.

Please contact PAN UK for hard copies.

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The manual has been created thanks to the inputs of a number of individuals and organisations who have written sections, commented on early drafts, and contributed resources and material.

As ASP activities take place, we hope NGOs from all participating countries will help us to update the manual with many more case studies and examples of NGO involvement. Your feedback on the manual is warmly requested; please send any comments to
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

For up to date information, the ASP website ( is regularly updated and contains information about all aspects of the programme.

The manual is printed on 100% recycled, chlorine-free paper. (both the folder and paper)
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