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Our Guide for Campaigners contains an overview of all the information you will need so is a great place to start. It contains information on where and why pesticides are used in urban areas, describes the human and environmental health effects of pesticides and provides tips on what to do when reaching out to your local council.

If you are the first campaigner in your area, have a think about if there are there any local groups that might be interested in helping you out and reach out to them. The most obvious would be environmental groups but there may also be groups working on health or parents groups that may be keen to join forces.

Get specific

You will need to find out if your council is using pesticides. The vast majority do use pesticides so a quick google search to see if your council has gone pesticide-free should be enough.

If you can’t find any information online, email your council directly to find out. If they won’t tell you, you can draft a Freedom of Information request, which we would be happy to help you with.

Get advice

If you are stuck, contact directly to get help and advice on how best to develop your local campaign.

JOIN OUR PESTICIDE-FREE TOWNS FACEBOOK GROUPYou can also join the Pesticide-Free Towns Facebook group to connect with other campaigners, share information, updates and more.

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