The Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen - pesticides in UK food

The Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen – as seen on BBC’s The Honest Supermarket

Pesticides used in agriculture can often leave detectable traces of chemicals in, or on, our food known as ‘residues’. The residues detected on a food item will depend on which pesticides have been used and how persistent they are or, put another way, how long they take to decompose.

Driven by health concerns, the government monitors residue levels in food consumed in the UK. PAN UK has analysed and compiled the most recent five years of government data and turned it into a handy list you can stick on your fridge or in your back pocket when you go shopping. A fully organic diet can be difficult and expensive to achieve but our ‘Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen’ list can help you to work out which produce to prioritise.

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We are a small charity and endlessly struggle to raise funds. Our small team of pesticide experts works hard to provide practical advice on how you can avoid the use of hazardous pesticides to better protect the health of you, your family and the natural environment. We hope that you find our new guide useful and ask that you consider making a donation to PAN UK in return. We would never want to exclude anyone from using our resources on the basis of cost so if you don’t have the funds to donate please do still use our guide.

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