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Hammersmith and Fulham statement on pesticides

Pesticide-Free London Pledge



By pledging to make their borough pesticide-free, candidates running in the 2018 London-wide council elections are committing to undertake at least two (and ideally more) of the following activities if elected:

  • Encourage the council to undertake trials and pilot schemes for non-chemical alternatives to pesticides.

  • Attend the free PAN UK Pesticide-Free London Workshop in Hammersmith on 29th June 2018 (9am to 1pm) which will outline the practicalities of how to end pesticide use in your borough. Or attend a follow up workshop or webinar organised by PAN UK.

  • Organise a full council debate on the subject of making the borough pesticide free

  • Develop a Motion to be put before the council calling for an end to the use of pesticides on all areas of land under council control.

  • Support the council’s parks and green spaces managers to go pesticide-free.

  • Work with council officers to plant pesticide-free urban wildflower meadows to create a haven for bees and other wildlife.

  • Promote existing good work being undertaken by council officers to reduce pesticide use, including publicising any areas within the borough that are already pesticide-free.

  • Promote the concept of a pesticide-free borough to other elected members of the council, council officers and business owners.

  • Communicate with members of the public about the benefits of going pesticide free.

  • Engage with members of the local business community to encourage them to manage land under their control without the use of pesticides.

Find out more about our Pesticide-Free Towns campaign here


Once you have taken the pledge to make your borough a pesticide-free zone and committed to several of the suggested activities, PAN UK can offer the following support:

  • Work with councillors and relevant council officers to create a bespoke pesticide policy for the borough.

  • Run free practical workshops and webinars to provide practical help as to how to reduce pesticide use in the borough. The next workshop is in Hammersmith on 29th June.

  • Help to develop suitable trials and pilot schemes for non-chemical alternatives.

  • Attend meetings alongside elected councillors in order to support their approaches to other councillors, council officers or the public.

  • Provide information and support in all areas related to going pesticide free, including a toolkit specifically for councils.

  • Provide sample council motions associated to going pesticide free.

  • Assist in publicising measures that are already being undertaken by the council to stop and reduce the use of pesticides within the borough.

  • Provide suggestions for public information materials and messaging.

Take the pledge

Email PAN UK to take the pledge. In return, we’ll send you a ‘pledge logo’ for your print materials, website and social media accounts so you can show voters that you support a healthier future for people and environment.  

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*Please note that by taking the pledge you agree to have your details added to our website and social media for further promotion of this campaign.

Pesticide-free London - candidates take the pledge