Pesticide-Free Towns – success stories

As a result of the campaigning undertaken by you, with the support of PAN UK, more and more UK towns and cities are also on the road to going pesticide-free. Here are a few examples:

In May 2017, Lewes District Council voted unanimously to stop the use of all pesticides in public parks and green spaces following a successful campaign set up by local residents. The Council’s contractor has invested in a hot foam weed control system which has replaced the use of herbicides.

In early 2017, Wadebridge became the first town in Cornwall to go pesticide –free, opting for hot foam as the most effective alternative. The County of Cornwall is currently developing a County Pollinator Action Plan which involves a range of actions to better protect bees, including reducing pesticide use.

In June 2016, Hammersmith & Fulham (H&F) became the first London Borough to go pesticide-free, choosing to adopt a hot foam weed control system. H&F Councillor, Wesley Harcourt, said “While there is some debate over the health risks of glyphosate-based chemicals, there is no debate that at H&F, the health and well-being of our residents is our priority and we recognise the importance of a green agenda in better supporting that.”

In June 2015, Glastonbury became the first council in the UK to ban the use of glyphosate and switch to non-chemical methods of weed control in all areas used by the public. They invested in a hot foam machine and are currently looking at options for hiring the equipment out to other neighbouring parishes in order to recoup some of the initial cost outlay.