Gardening without pesticides

In order to assist home gardeners in moving away from the use of potentially harmful pesticides, PAN UK has compiled a gardening guide to dealing with some of the most commonly found garden pests.

More and more people are moving towards a more organic approach in growing flowers and food crops. We hope that this guide will assist both those that are already growing without pesticides and those that wish to explore the possibilities.

We are a small charity and endlessly struggle to raise funds. Our small team of pesticide experts works hard to provide practical advice on how you can avoid the use of hazardous pesticides to better protect the health of you, your family and the natural environment. We hope that you find our new gardening guide useful and ask that you consider making a donation to PAN UK in return. We would never want to exclude anyone from using our resources on the basis of cost so if you don’t have the funds to donate please do still use our guide.

Download a printer-friendly black and white version of the guide here.

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We are very grateful to Garden Organic for their advice and guidance. If you want more detailed information on gardening without pesticides please visit their website.

Many thanks also to the photographers that contributed their images to this publication.

A guide to gardening without pesticides