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Pesticide-Free Towns Campaign

Pesticide-Free LogoWelcome to our campaign to make UK towns and cities pesticide-free.

Many of the pesticides used in our urban areas can cause serious illnesses like cancers and birth defects. Children are particularly vulnerable. Hundreds of towns around the world have already gone pesticide-free. It’s time for the UK to follow.

Become part of a new movement and join our campaign to persuade UK towns and cities to Go Pesticide-Free!

What are the Health Hazards?

The pesticide most widely used by local authorities in the UK is the weedkiller, glyphosate. This chemical has been linked to serious human health problems, including cancers and birth defects. Children and nursing mothers are particularly vulnerable to its effects. In March of 2015, the World Health Organization concluded that glyphosate is “probably carcinogenic”.

Glyphosate also harms wildlife, including insects, earthworms, fish and amphibians. But dozens of other pesticides are also used by councils and many of them have been associated with illnesses from leukemia, to neurological and reproductive disorders.

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Different Approaches in Europe

Pesticide-free Towns - Different Approaches in Europe
Pesticide Free Poster

Download a ‘Pesticide-Free Zone’ poster below for your garden or allotment:

Pesticide-free zone poster

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Download all the posters, leaflets and information you need below:

PFT Campaign Guide

Pesticide Free Towns - Campaign Guide

PFT Campaign Leaflet

Pesticide Free Towns Campaign Leaflet

PFT Sample Letter

Pesticide Free Towns Sample Letter to Contact Politicians

PFT Introductory Briefing

Pesticide Free Towns Introductory Briefing

PFT Campaign Poster

Pesticide Free Towns Campaign Poster

PFT  Case Study

Pesticide Free Towns - A Case Study in Toronto

PFT – Glyphosate Restrictions

Pesticide Free Towns - A list of towns where glyphosate is restricted or banned

PFT – Toolkit

Pesticide Free Towns - A Toolkit for Local Authorities

PFT – European Approaches

Pesticide Free Towns - Different Approaches in Europe

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