Glyphosate Bans Around the World

picture of EU flagPAN UK's Policy Officer, Nick Mole, has provided an up to date list of the status of all the places around the world that are in the process of banning Glyphosate.  It is possible to go pesticide free in our towns and cities. Check out the list to see who is leading the way. This list is not comprehensive however so if you have any additional information please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Brexit: Government urged to support farming for public good

picture of EU flagPAN UK, and over 80 other environmental, health and consumer organisations, has written to  David Davies and Theresa May to stress the important implications of Brexit on food and farming.  With many of the UK’s food and farming policies and subsidies being defined at EU level, the UK government now has an opportunity to reshape these to ensure that taxpayers money is spent for public good.

The organisations, representing the health and long-term interests of millions of British citizens, called on government to adopt common-sense food, farming and fishing policies that are good for jobs, health and the environment, when they plan for the UK’s exit from the European Union. The letter, argues that good food, farming and fishing policies must be central to any post EU Referendum strategy for the UK.

Pets and Pesticides

Dave Goulson, a trustee of PAN-UK and well known bumblebee biologist, tells us about the potential issue of the pesticides we put on our pets getting into the environemnt and poisoning bees, earthworms and other essential organisms in our ecological communities.

Every summer we have a family holiday in France, and every year we have to solve the problem of finding someone to look after our loveable mongrel dog, Poppy. Last year we opted for an eccentric lady who takes dogs into her own home when their owners are away; her place is full of animals, and rather whiffy, but we figured that Poppy would much prefer it to kennels, and we were correct. The only problem was that she came back with fleas, which prompted my wife to pop her in to the vets. They sold her some Advocate flea treatment, recommending a monthly prophylactic dose year in, year out. As someone with a professional interest in pesticides I looked at the small print on the packet to see what was in it, and was horrified to see that it is was a neonicotinoid insecticide, imidacloprid.


Communications Summer Intern

Come and help us make a difference!

Minimum 3 days a week for 2-3 months. Based in Central Brighton Office. Local travel and Lunch provided
This is an exciting opportunity to join the team at PAN-UK this summer, to help the communications manager in sharing PAN-UK’s story and those of our partners. If you have good communications skills, an interest in social media and the willingness to get involved in a variety of projects then we would like to hear from you.
Pesticide-free towns and cities

Our Pesticide Free Towns campaign is launched

Welcome to our campaign to make UK towns and cities pesticide-free. Many of the pesticides used in our urban areas can cause serious illnesses like cancers and birth defects. Children are particularly vulnerable. Hundreds of towns around the world have already gone pesticide-free. It's time for the UK to follow.

Become part of a new movement and join our campaign to persuade UK towns and cities to Go Pesticide-Free!

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